I Can’t Believe I’m Finally Starting

Okay, here I am.

I am starting a blog! This is so exciting. I’ve been reading blogs for ages and always felt that, if only I had the nerve, blogging could be really fun for me. And now, I’m finally giving it a try, and I’m super pumped. I’m just diving right in!

My name is Teresa White. I’m fifteen years old, at the tail end of my sophomore year in high school, and a very passionate vegan. I eat plants because I love animals, I love our Earth, and I love myself. I’ll probably talk a lot more about veganism; it’s pretty much my favorite topic ever. I hope to share some interesting, healthful recipes for foods that I actually eat, and I hope that I will find this blog to be a fun outlet for my plant-based obsession.

And, finally, I named this blog The Kale Storm for several reasons: I love kale (duh); I love puns in blog names; and I’m sure I’ll end up talking about kale a lot!

I can’t wait to publish my first recipe. I’ll be back soon!


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