My Day + Dinner

Today was another beautiful day in Escanaba! Sunny, on the cool side of warm (hey, you take what you can get in the U. P.) and breezy. I needed some fresh air time, so I went on a brisk bike ride down by the lake. I love being on the water, and I always have… I think I will miss the lake a ton when we move!

bike on sand point

This is the kind of thing I see every day up here! It’s really magical.

I also went to school and worked hard in all my academic classes. With exams at the end of the week, you can imagine all the reviewing! In all honesty, though, I feel prepared for my exams, because I’ve worked hard all year.

Also, today I whipped up a quick turmeric-tahini dipping sauce, and I’m so pleased with it! I didn’t follow a recipe, though I was inspired by a turmeric-tahini sauce from Choosing Raw. I had made the sauce a few weeks ago, and I liked it tolerably, but it wasn’t great, in my opinion. It had apple cider vinegar in it, which I’m not in love with, and it was a little bitter for my taste. So today, when I found myself ravenously hungry, possessing a huge bowl of chopped cauliflower, and lacking any dip but hummus…. I did what was natural. I threw together a bunch of yummy-sounding ingredients and realized that it actually tasted good! I’m honestly so excited; I made this dip entirely by taste and feel, without any measurements, and I love how it turned out! I’m really happy with the adjustments that I made, so I’m going to post the recipe tomorrow. I can’t wait!

My dinner today was also kind of out of the ordinary for me. Normally, I have a sandwich on Ezekiel bread (so good!) and some of a stir-fry or something, but today I had a big green smoothie. I used this recipe from the lovely Minimalist Baker. It was pretty good; a little bitter, still, from the greens, but nothing a little more acid couldn’t fix (hellooooo, mango!). So here is my BEAUTIFUL photo. Enjoy šŸ˜‰

green monster, min. baker

I’m sorry for that ugly glare! Remember when I said that I have almost zero photography experience??

I’ll be back tomorrow with a recipe for my spin on turmeric-tahini dip!


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