My Weekend

Hi guys! I just had SUCH a busy weekend, complete with plenty of baking and cooking exploits (and homework… but you probably aren’t too interested in that!). “Baking exploits”… heh heh heh. I don’t know why that phrase tickles me but it does. Moving on…

First up on the list of what I baked this weekend, we have my little brother’s favorite cookies! They are the Sinless Peanut Butter Cookies, from the Chocolate Covered Katie Cookbook, and he loves them for breakfast. I like to halve the recipe and make them double size. I whipped up a quick batch on Saturday morning so he could have them for breakfast.


These are amazing! So light and fluffy, but definitely still chewy and yummy. After that, I made some Southwestern Tofu Burgers from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s cookbook The Vegan Table. They are super popular at my house!


Later on, I assisted my mom in making frosting for a chocolate cake she had baked earlier in the day, using a chocolate cake recipe from The Vegan Table. BUT WAIT! There’s more to the story than that. She started the frosting, but my brother Elliot called and wanted to talk to her. So I offered to take over. I used my handy Cuisinart immersion blender to whip it up, and it was beautifully smooth… perfect for a nice creamy layer of frosting. So I spread it on the cake and made it look pretty. Then, and only then, did I taste a little frosting. And then I realized this: my mom had not put in any sugar. I assumed she did, but she did not. And here was this cake, frosted with very bitter chocolate-peanut butter frosting! This was not my proudest moment. Thankfully, the cake was sturdy, so it could handle having the frosting scraped off, then being put on a new plate, being sponged off with a paper towel, and re-frosted with SWEET frosting! Thank goodness; I would have felt really bad, ruining my mom’s nice chocolate cake!


That wraps up Saturday. Then today, Sunday, I baked and frosted two dozen chocolate cupcakes, for a bake sale at school tomorrow. It took a long time, because I made vegan buttercream frosting that took a bit of effort, then piped it on with my fancy piping tip. I love the end result, though! They don’t look professional or anything, but they do look appetizing. This is exactly what I hoped for when I volunteered to make vegan cupcakes for school. I don’t think I’m the only one to feel a little pressure in that sort of situation, when most people have never had a vegan cupcake in their life before! I mean, I don’t want their first vegan cupcake experience to be gummy. I want it to exceed expectations! And hopefully, these cupcakes will. Just following the words of Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and planting seeds wherever I go 🙂


And, finally? I made more hummus. I know, I know. Even I was tired of the kitchen at that point. But for real, having hummus I like is important to me, and I might not have time tomorrow to make some! So I made a quick batch of my Smokey Sweet Potato Hummus. I didn’t take a picture, though.

This was such a busy weekend! I also finished a big project for school and practiced a lot for Honors Choir auditions. And, I got to take this sweet dog for a walk (it was only like 80 degrees here! In Oklahoma! In August! This deserves exclamation points!).


I’ll talk to you all later!


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