Weekend Adventures and Misadventures

I’m thinking of posting a weekend recap each Sunday evening. I tend to do the most fun stuff, cooking-wise, over the weekend, and it’s always really fun to share! Let me know what you think. Now, here’s what I was up to for the past couple of days:

Practically the first thing I did on Saturday morning was go to the farmers market with my mom. It was so fun to finally get there and buy some produce, because since being in Ada, we’ve gone a couple of times, but until now, they were always sold out by the time we got there.


We were lucky enough to get tons of beautiful vegetables. PLUS: pecans! I’m so excited that we got pecans at the farmers market!

Then, later that morning, I made homemade almond milk.


I used the recipe in Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s book The Thirty Day Vegan Challenge. Speaking of which, I cannot recommend that book enough! It’s such an amazing resource on the hows and whys of veganism. Anyway, though, I made a half-batch of the almond milk. I always find the process so fun; I love blending the nuts and water and squeezing the milk out with my nut milk bag! <— totally one of those kitchen tools that sounds super unnecessary but kind of makes your whole life.

For some reason, though, the almond milk tasted amazing when it was fresh, but a day later, it just doesn’t taste that good. I’m a little disappointed. Because of that, I think that so far, cashew milk has been my favorite plant milk to make at home.

IMG_1799[1] IMG_1796[1]

So in love with the color of that quilt. And the trees ❤

Then, this morning, I made the Secretly Healthy Brownies (made with coconut flour) from Chocolate Covered Katie’s cookbook. I intended to bring them to our bake sale at school tomorrow, but would you believe it? They just did not work at all! They fall apart all over the place and have a gritty texture. I have to say, the recipes I’ve tried on Katie Higgins’ blog ,Chocolate Covered Katie, have been consistently very good, but I’ve had mixed results with her cookbook recipes. It’s honestly rather strange. Has anybody else made the Secretly Healthy Brownies from her cookbook? Did they work any better for you?


^^ That’s what happens when you try to pick one up! They collapse 😦

Tomorrow I have school, so I’d better get to bed. I’ll be back later this week!


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