Vegan and GF Snickerdoodles

You know you are a baker through-and-through when you get up at 6:15 AM on a Saturday morning in order to bake cookies!


I’ve been vegan for a year and a half, and yet, it has taken me until this very day to make vegan snickerdoodles! I’m so glad I finally did, because these cookies are awesome. I used this recipe by Oh She Glows.

These cookies use a base of oat flour, almond flour, and sorghum flour. However, I replaced the small amount of sorghum flour with brown rice flour (you can only have so many flours in the house at one time… #bakerproblems). Instead of Earth Balance, the cookies call for virgin coconut oil, and the sugar is just some basic cane sugar. It’s a pretty simple recipe, really, and, in my opinion, is a much healthier choice than many other holiday cookies. After all, they have rice, almond, and oat flours instead of AP; a conservative amount of sugar; unrefined coconut oil  instead of Earth Balance; and even a little flax meal.

The texture is great! They have almost-crunchy edges, with chewy middles and a nice coating of cinnamon sugar on the outside. And the flavor is awesome – all sorts of cinnamon-y, sugar-y, maybe a little oat-y flavors going on. You can tell they are made of something other than AP white flour, but in a good way; you can just taste a little more complexity than in your average cookies.



I found that my cookie dough was just a little too soft, meaning that the baked cookies spread out a little too much for my liking. I think that was 100% my error though, and a touch more flour would have fixed that problem right up! And the cookies are delicious, whether or not they are a little too thin. I’m not that picky.



You can see here that the balls of cookie dough had already started to flatten and lose their ball shape before baking.

My favorite thing about this recipe is its simplicity. It’s a no-mixer recipe, with only 13 ingredients total. Basically, you stir your dry ingredients together; you stir your wet ingredients together; you combine the dry and wet ingredients; stir together a little cinnamon and sugar; and roll up your cookie dough balls. Super easy! 🙂

I’d definitely recommend this recipe for your holiday baking. It’s easy, delicious, even a little bit healthy (!), and won’t give you a headache. Sounds good to me.


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