Christmas Day in Photos

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas Day. Ours was really nice; we opened presents together in the morning, which was so fun and full of so many laughs!! And then we spent the day playing with our different presents, hanging out together, and cooking dinner. Since my mom and I are the only vegans in the family, my dad cooked Maine lobster tails for the rest of our family. Mom made this awesome vegan potato and turnip mash, and I made little hand pies filled with wild rice, mushrooms, chickpeas, and vegetables. It was probably our most gourmet meal yet 😉

The moment my brother Elliot opened up the camera and lens, he started taking pictures. This was one of the first ones, featuring Bianca and my mom at our dining room table.


This of course continued as we all started to get dressed, which is impossible to do without holding the dog a little!


Dad and I had some snuggle time as well.


Then, Elliot and Bianca headed outside for a little photo shoot.

I’m now realizing that most of these photos are of Bianca. Oops… actually nope, no regrets. She’s that great.


Ooh, look, it’s a photo I took myself!! This was just my view on the dining room table as I took photos of the scrapbooks for yesterday’s post and generally messed around with the camera.


I also made some macarons with the new sifter that Mom gave me (thank you mummy!) so I took a picture of the cookies as they dried out before baking.


A little later, it was time to cook and eat dinner. These are the vegan hand pies that I made, adapted from the spring hand pie recipe in the My New Roots cookbook.


These plates have lobster, wild rice stir fry, lobster and vegetables, and hand pies.


A family photo or two was taken.


And at the end of the evening, Bianca was paid for the modeling efforts she exerted all day.


Almost all of these photos were taken by Elliot, my older brother. He’s pretty excited about the new camera! And that was pretty much our Christmas Day. I hope you enjoyed all the photos.


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