Hi, my name is Teresa White! I live in Ada, Oklahoma, and am sixteen years old. I’m a junior at Ada High School. I’m a passionate vegan and I love to cook and bake!

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and moved to a small town in Michigan when I was four. There, I had a lovely childhood and attended public school all the way through my sophomore year of high school. I have a lot of interests and hobbies, but in the past few years, I discovered a huge passion for both veganism and for cooking.


All of a sudden, I was reading food blogs whenever I got the chance, devouring articles and books about nutrition, cooking and baking as a hobby, and photographing my creations. At the same time, I was listening to podcasts and reading articles about veganism and animal rights that totally changed my perspective on the food we eat and why we eat it.


All these things, especially my love for bloggers/blogs in general, pointed toward a vegan food blog of my own… so I started The Kale Storm, and I am loving it!

Some of my all-time favorite blogs are Chocolate-Covered KatieOh She Glows, and This Rawsome Vegan Life. I highly recommend that you check those out for some amazing vegan inspiration and fun writing!

I hope you enjoy my blog ❤

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