Neighborhood Running

This is going to be a random, just-something-I-did-today post. It’s all good! I know I like photos and thoughts and stuff, though I can’t speak for everybody 🙂

Today I went for a run, which is kind of out of the ordinary for me already. I have had a rocky history with running… I started running in middle school, and enjoyed that, but by the time I got to high school, it had become something I had to do.

After a few months of slightly obsessive running, I just couldn’t make myself do it anymore. Running is no fun when you know you are doing it for all the wrong reasons! So I stopped, and ever since have only run sporadically.

However! A year after giving it up, I’m wanting to run again. I’m even toying with the idea of doing a half-marathon with my mom! So today I went for a very nice run in my neighborhood.


^^ this is my yard and its view! We are SO lucky to live here.


^^ I took this photo from the foot of our church’s groundsIMG_2059[1]

^^Annnnnd then I had to run up this here hill. I was definitely fresh as a daisy after that one 😉

And while I’m at it, I had pasta for dinner for the first time in forever (lol now I’m singing this Frozen song!!). I made this Blissful Basil recipe for roasted broccoli pesto pasta. I thought it was pretty good, especially with an amazing honeycrisp apple and chocolate PB2!