Things to Come

What?? Teresa still exists?? Of course. And I’m back on the blog with a quick note to say that you can expect some posts coming up in the next few days!

After a long blog hiatus, I’m coming at this with a different perspective from before.

Before, I had too much of a mind for results. How good will this recipe be? How beautiful  will my pictures be? How, and I’m ashamed to say this, many views will this post get?

I’m leaving that mindset behind. Now, I cook and take pictures for fun. To create and explore. And I will be okay with trying to be like other food/lifestyle blogs out there. That’s an unrealistic expectation, anyway, so it’s better to leave it behind. This blog will be what it wants, and even I don’t have much of an idea of what that will be yet.

Anyway, I have some posts brewing in the back of my mind that you can expect in the next few days and weeks. I guess I’ll leave it at that for tonight, since I have to get some sleep and be ready for a busy day tomorrow, but I’ll be back soon!